Thursday, November 06, 2008

Guess who's home!!!!!

The force was with Obi!! We had almost given up on him finding his way home. We had so many nice people that called with sightings of him - Thank you to all those people that took time to help us. Tonight we got home about 9:30pm and were walking into our house and I heard crying. I said "Is that a cat or a baby?" It sounded like a baby but we thought why not call for Obi - we've been doing it all week what would it hurt? So we called and nothing for a minute - then out of the darkness comes a little cat running down the sidewalk. We dropped all of our stuff and got down to the ground calling him. Then when the street lights shown on him we could see it was an orange cat so we called even more frantically while asking each other -"is it really him?!" My husband grabbed him up we hurried into the house worried he would get away. We set him down and he runs to his food - poor thing was hungry. (Though I put food out on both porches all week and saw many other cats but never him)

He looks perfectly fine and not even dirty. Where in the world could he have been since Friday?! What kind of adventures did he have? We will never know but we are beyond excited to have him home and so glad he had nice warm weather to be out in. It was like the ending of a movie to see him running home to the light of the street lights to the arms of his whole family sitting on the sidewalk calling him. It wasn't even that sweet in my dreams....

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Jennifer Parke Photography said...

I'm so glad he came home!