Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Senior and a safety warning

My schedule is full of seniors. I won't be able to catch up on here but I will post a session every once in a awhile. This summer has been the craziest of my life not just with pictures but just things happening and coming up. Really hoping it will stop soon.

Don't think I had mentioned on here but it's a good public service announcement... Don't let your children use the dirt devil! My 6 year old was using it to sweep the stairs a nice little chore I figured. She eagerly accepted. She did a great job then I heard her yell. I was right there and I thought maybe she got her clothes sucked in so I instantly unplugged it. Then I look at her and one side of her hair is all frizzy. I'm thinking ok we are going for a haircut... then I see the blood dripping everywhere! So trying not to get her worried I was holding a cold cloth on her head and trying to call someone to come help me get her to the ER and help with my younger daughter too. Who at this point is screaming "It's my only sister!!" Head wounds bleed alot... I figure she got scalped by the sweeper. Upon further exam by the ER (the lady that examined her is a client of mine - small world) they found a long deep laceration needing 6 staples. I could not believe it... She has fallen alot and has never had to go to the ER but she helps me clean and needs 6 staples in her head! So needless to say that was her first and last experience with a dirt devil... But she was tough and has the staples out and her small bald spots are filling it. Just one of the exciting adventures we have had this summer... so watch those dirt devils.

Now onto some pictures!

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