Friday, June 20, 2008


Go check it out!!

Capturing Moments

I was able to keep access to my old site too! All 2008 weddings and all sessions done this year that haven't ordered yet I moved to the new site also with the same passwords - but this site is case sensitive. Any other weddings are available on the old site.

Some new features are: HUGE pictures!
Shopping cart - pick your favorites and order online or just use it to help narrow down your choices. Also I started off with limited pictures in the gallery but if you want to look at hundreds of images head to the old site.

Please let me know if you have trouble seeing the new site. The recommended screen settings are posted and flash is needed. If you don't have DSL and need HTML you follow the link to the old site and then click HTML - that site is very old but the pricing is up to date.

Have a great weekend! Photographing the wedding of these two tomorrow...

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