Monday, March 03, 2008

We are back...

and down for the count.... My girlies got sick on Friday and it hit them hard. 104 degree temps, cold symptoms, stomach symptoms the whole works. So it was a long ride home and I took them to the doctor today and it's a flu diagnosis and double ear infections for both of them. Poor things - I feel so bad for them. Madison (5)had one sick visit when she was 6 months old and Emma (3) never so they and I are not used to dealing with such sickness. Emma has not been able to keep much down and has to get some fluids to stay down or she may have to go to the hospital....

I am taking vitamin C and doing all I can to not get it since I have a wedding to photograph this weekend in Philadelphia, PA.

Hope your families are all well - it's a bad time of year for sickness. The line at the pharmacy was huge and the cold medication aisle was packed.

Where is spring?!

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